Leadership Academy


Desire to challenge your students to the concept of what it truly means to be a leader? Looking to give your students a memorable experience that will change their lives? Want your group to walk away bonded and inspired more than a class or seminar could ever do? Look no further. Outdoor Odyssey offers just that and more! We provide your students with excitement that will not only leave them with smiles but with a sense of accomplishment and success!


Mentor Training


As a high school student you have probably been impacted by someone in your life. But have you thought about the legacy that you will be leaving on others? You have reached the point in your life where you see the horizon of high school graduation approaching. Up until now you have probably done what you have needed to to get yourself ready for life after high school. Outdoor Odyssey wants to show you how much potential you have in your own hands, the potential to change someone else’s life.

The Outdoor Odyssey mentoring experience starts with an action packed week of training called Leadership Academy. During this week juniors and seniors from all over Pennsylvania take part in a week long overnight training at the Outdoor Odyssey camp on Laurel Mountain. We will teach you the fundamentals of mentoring and show you your potential by introducing you to the Outdoor Odyssey leadership curriculum. Our motto is “growth through adventure”, so expect some things you have probably not experienced before: climbing and rappelling, backpacking, caving, high and low ropes and white water rafting are all part of the experience that is designed to show you your true potential. Every activity takes part with a team of mentor candidates and college counselors that you will spend the entire week with.

After graduation you will qualify to come back to Outdoor Odyssey later in the summer for another week of camp as a mentor to a team of kids from your area. The entire week puts you in the leadership position and the adventure and adversity of the week creates a lasting bond between you and your team, on which you will build on as their mentor throughout the school year.


Field Trips


Give your students the experience that will last a lifetime. Our field trip package offers something for every one of your students. Whether it’s climbing our 25’ rock wall, canoeing around with friends in our tranquil pond or playing some high paced exciting games, all students, no matter their athletic ability, will find something to enjoy.




The cultivation of leaders starts with the Leadership Curriculum developed by our founder Major General T.S. Jones (ret.). Based on his own personal experiences and what he learned throughout his 36-year career in the Marine Corps, General Jones has developed a curriculum that embodies the ideas and concepts of leadership and transforms them into philosophies and principles that are easy to grasp as well as implement. One of the strong points of the program is to have students learn leadership by example and to have their orientation progress from self to team.


“I love Outdoor Odyssey!!”
Joelle Montgomery, Camper

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