T.S. Jones

T.S. Jones, founder and Executive Director of Outdoor Odyssey, is retired as an officer in the United States Marine Corps after serving nearly 4 decades. Retiring as a Major General, Jones vowed to design and build a vehicle to reach those in need in the same manner in which he was impacted as a youth by his mentor. Shortly thereafter, Outdoor Odyssey was born. The initial mission focused on identifying youth in need and pairing them with mentor, but then evolved and expanded to embrace a variety of organizations. Jones has taken many principles and ideals from the Marine Corps to develop Outdoor Odyssey’s approach to team building and leadership.



Outdoor Odyssey's longest tenured staff member, Brandon came on in our first summer back in 1999. Starting as Safety Net Coordinator and taking over as Director of Operations in 2001 Brandon oversees all daily operations of Outdoor Odyssey's professional staff, mentoring program, team-building customers, and all properties and adventure facilities.

Brandon serves as lead trainer and trains all staff-members in the skills they'll need to safely lead on the mountain. Brandon also conceptualizes and builds many of the obstacles, elements, and courses used on the mountain every day. Building a custom team building experience for any group is also one of Brandon's specialties.

Brandon is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University and a Pennsylvania certified emergency medical technician.







katie schmitZ, PROGRAM coordinator


Summer Staff 2017

Top row (left to right): Tiffany Diaz, Eric Maxwell, Taylor Sigut, Ben Lim, Cole Crusciel, Rachel Campitell, Mike Desgrosseilliers
Second row: Jack Dills, Josh Speese, Jenna Toth, Nicolle Sweitzer, Kevin Wilson, Ryan Borchardt
Third row: Jasmyn Daniels, Josh Dei, Kacie Flannigan, Billy Morrison, Tatiana Puschnigg, Malick Rupert
Bottom row: Matt Lucidi, Carlos Mancio

Not pictured: Emily Buncie, Savannah Hegeman, Erin Suppes

 Illustration by our super talented counselor Jasmyn Daniels. Find your favorite staff member !

Illustration by our super talented counselor Jasmyn Daniels. Find your favorite staff member !