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Over the past 19 years, Outdoor Odyssey has provided leadership through mentoring opportunities to over 1,500 mentors in Southwestern Pennsylvania. These mentors, usually high school seniors, lead youth in need from their same school districts throughout not only a week of high paced adventure camp but also throughout the entire school year. Over 3,500 youth have been provided with a year long mentor since our mission began in 1998. Unfortunately many children in our area endure hardships and adversities that they should not be faced with. By matching up these children with a positive, educationally motivated high school senior we hope to not only build up their confidence by showing them that they can conquer a climbing wall, but to show them that they can be successful in school and life as well. Our program is, therefore, based on helping youth embrace education and make progress on goals set by their educators. To give students the opportunity for success and increase the potential to reach their dreams, the mentor follows up with the student at least twice a month, striving to make progress on their goals and to make those dreams a reality.