Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Academy is suited for classes and schools of all shapes and sizes. We take a group of individuals and forge them into a team through shared adversity, leaving them more bonded than a class or seminar ever could. We challenge them and teach them what it means to be a leader. The activities throughout the week will give them confidence, help them overcome their fears, and inspire them to lead from the front. Our mission is to provide your students with an unforgettable experience that will teach them concrete skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.



Over the past 19 years, Outdoor Odyssey has provided mentoring opportunities to over 1,500 high school students in Southwestern Pennsylvania. These mentors lead youth in need throughout not only a week of our adventure camp, but also throughout the following school year. Over 3,500 youth have been provided with a mentor since our mission began in 1998. Unfortunately, many children in our area endure hardships and adversities that they should not be faced with. By matching these children with a positive, educationally-motivated mentor, we hope to build their confidence by showing them that they can not only conquer a climbing wall or zip-line, but that they can also be successful in school and life.  To give students the opportunity for success and increase the potential to reach their dreams, the mentor follows up with the student at least twice a month, striving to make progress on their goals and to make those dreams a reality.



Give your students an experience that will last a lifetime! Our field trip package offers something for every one of your students. Whether it’s climbing our 30’ rock wall, canoeing around with friends in our tranquil pond, or playing some high-paced, exciting games, all students, no matter their athletic ability, will find something to enjoy.



The cultivation of leaders starts with the Leadership Curriculum developed by our founder Major General T.S. Jones (ret.). Based on his own personal experiences and what he learned throughout his 36-year career in the Marine Corps, General Jones has developed a curriculum that embodies the ideas and concepts of leadership and transforms them into philosophies and principles that are easy to grasp and implement. One of the strong points of the program is teaching students to lead by example and to have their orientation progress from self to team.


Camp Cadet of somerset county

Camp Cadet is a non profit organization that is run by members of the Pennsylvania State Police, Somerset County and Somerset Turnpike Barracks, local law enforcement and supporting adult and youth agencies. The program consists of a week long camp for youth 13 to 15 years of age from Somerset County.

Once at camp, Cadets are introduced to various aspects of the Pennsylvania State Police such as patrol responsibilities and D.U.I. enforcement, criminal investigation, forensics, equestrian and Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) in addition to first aid / CPR and weapon safety. Instruction and presentations are also given by volunteer fire and ambulance company members, Agents from the A.T.F., United States Secret Service, F.B.I. and officers from the PA Game Commission. Appearances are made by helicopters belonging to the Pennsylvania State Police, Conemaugh Hospital and the military. Cadets will also be introduced to physical training, team building exercises, confidence and obstacle courses. 

A highlight of the week is the rappelling and climbing tower in addition to a ropes course that includes the zipline. An off site day includes a hands-on radar demonstration, a tour of the old Somerset County Jail, the P.S.P. Somerset County Barracks, the State Correctional Institution at Somerset, the National Guard Armory in Friedens and a trip to the Flight 93 crash site near Shanksville.The participants stay in a barracks atmosphere and are introduced to military discipline just as a Cadet would be in the Pennsylvania State Police Academy. The week long program is ended by a prestigious graduation ceremony with parents in attendance. 

All applicants are interviewed and screened. No youth are admitted that have been involved negatively with law enforcement. Inquiries about Camp Cadet can be directed to Tpr. Jeff Brock.