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ODO Employment Application

Click on the highlighted link above in order to download the two page staff application. Clearances located on the bottom of the second page are not required in order to submit application. If you are hired, the clearances will need to be completed and presented the first day of staff training. If you are completing an application to be a Junior Counselor, clearances are not required. Upon completion of this application, please submit via e-mail to and/or send it by mail to 450 Boy Scout Road, Boswell, PA 15531.

Team Building

Creating a Teambuilder for Universities is as unique as the Universities themselves. We understand that groups are working within constraints of time and budget. Over the years we have provided exciting, powerful and beneficial programming to university groups large and small (200+ to 15 people). Outdoor Odyssey sets itself apart from the others by not only providing top-notch adventure programming but combines it with our proven leadership curriculum. Let us work with you to find the right combination without sacrificing programming, quality, or safety.

High/Low Impact Activities

All professional teams possess unique personalities; no two are alike.  Outdoor Odyssey, therefore, tailors course material to match the exact needs and mission profiles of each organization engaged.  From no-impact to low-impact, moderate to high, we will build a set of activities that will accomplish your goals.  Metrics for success are skillfully aligned with your stated objectives.

Your stay can be designed for a few hours or a few days; your particular needs drive program development.  Our facilities and programs provide virtually unlimited potential for team and leadership development.

Leadership Series

General: For the past 17 years, Outdoor Odyssey has developed and implemented customized leadership development and team building experiences for a wide range of organizations throughout the country, with an emphasis on educational institutions. The success of these experiences has enabled Outdoor Odyssey to collaborate with school districts of Pennsylvania (free of charge) to provide leadership development to a very select group of high school mentors who forge a bond with elementary-age youth in need at Outdoor Odyssey and then assist the youth throughout the academic year, impacting thousands since 1999.

A Sampling of Outdoor Odyssey’s Capabilities:

  • Team Building tied to the specific mission of the organization
  • Leadership Development reinforced by high adventure facilities and interpersonal initiatives
  • Facilitation of wide range of high adventure activities, leveraging indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Personal Assessment and Goal Setting
  • Life-long Planning Tool usable in any market or within any group
  • Complex organizational planning
  • Mentoring for individual or organizational investment: both for internal and external utilization
  • Power of commitments and tools to ensure growth within the organization
  • Personal and professional mission development: enhance organizational development
  • Warrior Ethos from a Marine: develop a winning ethos, while inspiring responsibility to others
  • Mental Fitness (brain training) and mindfulness from a grunt not a guru
  • The Cardinal Virtues Still Apply: building winners, regardless of the mission
  • Facilitation of conferences and off sites: reinforced by capabilities outlined above

Focus: “Outdoor Odyssey provides experiences that enable people to grow mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, becoming better citizens, employees and family members. Outdoor Odyssey’s “triad” of capabilities and resources (Leadership Academy, Lodges and Conference Center) reinforce these very important tenets. Accommodations range from Spartan (cabins in the woods) to very comfortable (Lodges and Conference Center); however, they are, by design, not oriented to pamper people but to facilitate growth. Although there’s NO shortage of resorts and facilities that pamper folks, there’s a DEFINITE shortage of venues that challenge folks and avail them an opportunity for personal and professional improvement. Meaningful improvement requires some level of sacrifice; that’s why many training and educational opportunities fail miserably. People are happy when pampered, but actual improvement is seldom experienced.” Growth begins when individuals and groups leave their comfort zone, seeking challenge and bona fide improvement.”

T.S. Jones, Major General, USMC (ret)

Founder/Executive Director of Outdoor Odyssey


When a plan not only comes together but surpasses your wildest hopes and dreams, it is truly an unforgettable experience.  Outdoor Odyssey is responsible for the remarkable transformation that is taking place on our campus back in Orlando.  We’ve always been blessed to work with great kids at Lake Highland.  But now we have confident students that are leading their peers with humility and genuine concern.  They are mentoring our elementary and middle school students, encouraging each other in the classrooms and on the playing fields, challenging themselves and others to demonstrate moral courage, and modeling unconditional love and acceptance.  I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the Leadership Academy and can’t wait to watch as future classes set out on this journey.
Jacqui Collazo, Lake Highland Preparatory School

University Clients

University of Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania State University

Carnegie Mellon University

 Temple University

 California University of Pennsylvania

 St. Vincent University

University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

 Duquesne University

 Frostburg State University

 Villanova University

 Shippensburg University

 St. Francis University

University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

 Point Park University

 Juniata College

 Indiana University of Pennsylvania

 Seton Hill University

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