Adventure Facilities

Outdoor Odyssey offers a wide range of facilities that can meet the needs of many different types of groups and events. Planning your event at Outdoor Odyssey ensures that your group experiences all the advantages of our unique mountain setting. From family reunions to business retreats, Outdoor Odyssey tailors your accommodations to meet every group’s needs. High adventure and teambuilder packages are also available to complement all of Outdoor Odyssey’s accommodations. Check out our event and lodging options and contact us today to make your group reservation.


The Sahalie Adventure Challenge Center is Western Pennsylvania’s only indoor high ropes course and climbing facility. The 6000 square foot facility includes a 10 element team-based high ropes course that can easily facilitate a dozen participants at one time, several climbing walls, 4 ground up adventure challenges, leadership reaction course stations and room for large group initiatives. We can easily facilitate up to 50 individuals inside the facility at one time. With 2 warehouse style heating units we are able to heat the facility to a comfortable temperature even in the middle of the winter months within minutes. Sahalie is a great benefit in every season to all of our guests as no group is ever “rained out” at Outdoor Odyssey.

Physical Intensity Level: Low to High

Tower Complex

Outdoor Odyssey offers a climbing and rappelling complex that is second to none. Many towers engage only two or three participants at a time. Our fifty-foot tower offers twelve participants the opportunity to be active at one time; keeping your group actively engaged is our goal. The unique construction of our tower allows for all levels of expertise to take part. The smaller climbing wall was designed at a leaning angle to give all visitors, young and old, an opportunity to take part. The vertical wall contains many routes including overhangs and ledges. Our rappel deck allows our staff to provide rappelling instruction to any novice in a safe and controlled environment. For the young at heart a fifty-foot cargo net is available for climbing, always a favorite challenge for young and old alike. If you are up to the challenge you may try to tackle Chief BeDoHave’s totem pole, definitely not for the faint of heart! The complex also offers a 75 linear foot bouldering wall, which we call the keyhole, with varying difficulties.

Physical Intensity Level: Low to High

High Ropes

The High Ropes Course focuses on both the individual challenge as well as the team challenge. Overcoming fears and leaving individual comfort zones are all part of the high ropes experience. Overcoming these fears and handicaps helps individuals and groups to recognize and conquer areas that block individual and group development. While expanding personal comfort zones team members still rely on the support and trust of their coworkers throughout the course. The course is made up of twenty events averaging 25-35 feet off the ground.

Physical Intensity Level: Moderate to High

Leadership Reaction Course

Outdoor Odyssey’s uniquely-designed Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) consists of a wide variety of challenging elements, readily adaptable to your organization’s specific mission. The LRC, low to moderate in impact, challenges participants to tackle uncertainty, incorporating and leveraging strengths and differences of team members. An unparalleled tool for development of leadership and teambuilding skills, the LRC enables organizations to embrace change and uncertainty through development of effective communications and problem-solving skills.

Physical Intensity Level: Low to Moderate

Low Ropes

Our Low Ropes Course was designed to engage individual abilities and tie them into a team challenge. Participants need to learn the idea of working together to solve a physical problem that may be easy to one individual, but very difficult for an entire group. Twelve different events make up the course and range in physical difficulty from easy to moderately difficult. The course was designed to facilitate to both small and large groups. Groups up to 15 in size can participate as a team on this course. Our facilitators reflect on what was learned with the completion of each event with every group. This helps groups in understanding how they function as a team, allowing them to find ways to be more effective. In order to be successful on the Low Ropes ALL group members must function as a TEAM. The low rope events are performed on or close to the ground without harnesses. The events gradually increase in difficulty allowing our facilitators to move a group up as they progress and learn from their successes and failures.

Physical Intensity Level: Moderate

Team Building Initiatives

Great for any group, teambuilding initiatives work wonders on group dynamics. Let Outdoor Odyssey facilitators pull out their bag of tricks on your group by keeping them busy all day with endless initiatives designed to bring a group closer together. Whether your goal is to break the ice with a new team or rekindle the fire of an existing one these initiatives will work well. All teambuilding exercises are coached and debriefed to maximize team understanding and helping to improve team performance.

Physical Intensity Level: Low

Lodges & Accommodations

Outdoor Odyssey’s Mountain Valley Lodge properties offer the comfort and amenities of home in a unique wilderness setting. Nestled in the Laurel Mountain Valley, just 4 miles from the Outdoor Odyssey camp, our rental properties provide a unique setting to groups that wish to get away from their everyday environment. Directly on the banks of Ben’s Creek, a local fly fishing favorite, both properties could not provide a more relaxing night. The Mountain Valley Lodges offer accommodations for up to 40 guests. The centerpiece of the lodge is the spectacular Great Room, adorned with lodge furnishings that make the room beyond comfortable. The gas-powered fireplace will allow your group to sit in comfort all day and night without a worry. From corporate teams to wedding receptions, the Mountain Valley and Adirondack Lodges, along with their beautiful surroundings, will offer you a great experience.

Conference Center

The Outdoor Odyssey Conference Center rounds out our ‘triad’ of capabilities.  The Conference Center is a beautiful building constructed in 1937 as a ‘roadhouse’ restaurant.  We purchased the property in the spring of 2013 with the intention of using it for conferencing and off-sites.  The main dining room easily seats 80 to 100 individuals for dining, meetings or events.  The rustic setting and nearby stream make the environment peaceful but connected to a main road as it is located on route 985 just 4 miles from our camp and a quarter mile from our lodges.  High speed internet and technology to facilitate any meeting or conference are included.  So let us build an offsite utilizing our conference center, camp, and lodges for your overnight retreat!  Imagine your day starting at our conference center where we can facilitate a class to your group from our leadership series, then travel to the camp for teambuilding, and wrap up with an overnight in the Mountain Valley and Adirondack lodges.  All packages are a la carte and we are ready to build yours!

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